Purchases may be made with credit card at www.mkt.com/joyfuls-cigar-art.

completed art

Selection of completed art is frequently changing. Please view www.mkt.com/joyfuls-cigar-artto see current selection and make purchases.


Commission the art you want, created from cigar bands.

You decide what you want. Then tell me... it's really that simple!

Tell me what the piece should include (i.e. owl with full moon). If you have a specific picture you want created, send me a picture via Facebook (www.facebook.com/joyfulscigarart) or email (joyful@joyfulscigarart.com). If you have a preference, specify direction: vertical (portrait) or horizontal (landscape).

You choose your size, direction, and how you would like to receive the piece.  Commissioned pieces come unframed.  This allows me to keep prices reasonable, offer free shipping, and you get to choose the frame that best fits where your art will hang. I recommend artwork be framed behind glass to protect from dust and humidity.

Do you have cigar bands that are special to you? Save your bands, send them to me, and I will incorporate them into your art.

To get started, just send a deposit of $25-$50 (www.mkt.com/joyfuls-cigar-art).  The remainder of your payment is due when I send a picture of completed art. 

Current prices are in my online store (www.mkt.com/joyfuls-cigar-art) under Art As You Wish.